Another terrible campaign… this time its No7

So after I declared my hatred of the irritating pantene/cat deeley/swissh campaign I was upset this morning to see another ad that appears to be a direct copy.

Dont upload a swish, upload a wink….. *yawn*

– these ads are so similar I’m sure the same concept boards could have almost been used.

That said Boots have at least made some positive changes within their exquisite curl campaign…

  • The campaign URL is more memorable
  • They allow video and photo uploads
  • The campaign sits within Facebook allowing user interaction with the brand, and the brand is responding quickly
  • The prizes, although low value, are encouraging trial by proving lots of product winners

And No7, despite your terrible advertising, I’ll still buy your¬†mascara – because it’s good, not because of a wink, and an exquisite curl sample would be lovely ūüėČ



Okay – so I know it’s February, and I know Xmas is well and truly over (and they are selling easter bunnies alongside valentines crap in my local garage) BUT I stumbled across this viral when I was looking over the IAB showcase winners from last year and it made me chuckle!

I love the way AKQA, and the client, have embraced all the qualities that Pot Noodle is. Slightly grim looking, slightly (okay very) chavvy and possibly consumed by the lower end of the socio-economic scale that most brands will quietly omit from their marketing efforts.

It makes a pleasant change from brands that crop the reality out of their marketing in favour of that one sexy consumer who “happened” to fall into shot!

Love it!


It’s good to see the good people at Orange are ressurecting the internet balloon race¬† that saw fantastic results and a whole host of awards for Poke London a couple of years ago.

I think the problem with digital is that people get so hell bent on innovating they forget that there is room to improve on campaigns that have previously worked. Admittedly this doesn’t give brands the right to role out the same campaigns year in, year out, with small design tweaks and copy changes (to save in production) and yes, I’ve had to ressurect plenty of those for clients… But to find a formula that works, isn’t yet tired, and can be improved on is something that marketers have done for years but seems more frowned upon in the digital space.

Will be interesting to see how this campaign works in relation to the last when it launches on the 8th November but, until then,¬†don’t forget to get your balloon!

Mow the lawn

“feeling rough around the edges? Feels great to trim the hedges”
An ad for Black and Decker? Nope an ad by Wilkinson Sword.
Tongue in cheek look at keeping your “topiary” in shape….
Not sure it will be making prime time TV viewing but having been uploaded on the 31st March to Youtube and currently standing at 211k views it’s an interesting way to get a bit of personality across in a product that is normally pretty standard in its advertising techniques.
Designed by Them London¬†it seems they’re continuing to have fun with razor blades following in their previous poodle parlour this one still dances away from”bikini” line shots and whilst¬†its slightly cringey the tune is catchy and as¬†I type this I’m singing aloud “mow the lawn….”