The death of books?

I love books. I like choosing a book by its, spine, a cover, a good review and I love picking it up and turning the pages.

I’ve always said I can’t imagine reading a book on an eReader but recently I’ve started to question how long I will resist getting one. I’m now used to reading news on my laptop, opting for paperless comms from brands and browsing pretty much anything on my iPhone.

Looking at a recent statement from amazon they stated that their US book business saw is now selling more Kindle books than paperback books. Since the beginning of the year, for every 100 paperback books Amazon has sold, the Company has sold 115 Kindle books.

Does that make paperback readers a minority or simply mean those owning an eReader buy more books?

Although the UK is by no means seeing penetration at this level, Chris North, managing director of Amazon, said that the Uk was heading in the same direction…

So, how long till I get a kindle… I reckon by 2012 I’ll have succumbed!


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  1. Good article, can I quote you?

    • of course 🙂

      • Got given a Kindle for Christmas… and strangely got given actual books for my birthday (from the same person). I’m finding it REALLY hard to read the book, I never thought that would happen. It’s strange.

        I like that I have the large portion of my library on the device and I don’t need to go wandering around the house to find a book to read (not that I’m spoilt for choice). It’s useful.

        I think the reason why people are buying more kindle books is the simplicity and quickness of buying… see a book you like, buy with one click and hey presto it downloads automatically to your kindle. No ordering, waiting a day or more for it to arrive and then wanting to get into it. It’s instant.

        The thing I always said that would make a PDA (now smart phone) really useful for me was the ability to have reference books on the device, so I don’t need to carry around great big books (like dictionaries). I’ve got the Chambers Dictionary and Thesaurus on my iPhone and I’ve used it loads. So perhaps there is a shift?

        It still doesn’t beat wasting a lunchbreak looking at books in Waterstone’s every now and then though ;o)

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