Data Versus Experience

I’ve been meaning to post up my paper to this blog for a while but, as with many things, its easy once you’ve finished something to push it to one side and forget about it!

My paper looks at the balance of data versus experience. Its a conundrum many online brands are faced with. Do they capture all of the data on consumers that the research department wants (to understand),  that the marketing department needs (to prove effectiveness) and the business insists on (for commercial understanding) OR do they throw caution to the wind and put the brands digital experience with their consumers ahead of registrations, locked content or tracking.

To quote:

data means the possibility for brands to have an appropriate and personal dialogue with you, the consumer, has never been more achievable, with the tools and data allowing tailored insight, and messaging that simply wouldn’t have been possible 20 years ago. It’s become a partnership that can be made as simple or as complex as the brands marketing team dictate, but it’s a process that’s made relationship building a statistical science rather than an emotional hunch.

The paper goes onto explore these looking at the likes of Tesco Loyalty card, Amazon, Bailey’s and Gurgle as differing examples of how  data can enhance as well as dictate the whole consumer experience.

Comments and thoughts welcome!

Data and Experience


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