Mobile and Internet growth

I work in a full service digital agency  but, arguably due to the client I focus on, I deal mainly with with web – focusing on site build, advertising and social media as opposed to other channels such as interactive TV or mobile.

Interestingly its mobile that I’m begining to find more and more interesting and the recent information on accountability and mobile metrics begins to make it a channel that coud be taken more seriously by clients who in the past saw it as a nice to have add on.

 I think its safe to say in the last 5 years its been one of the topics that the industry has said “will become big” but bubbled along quietly without hitting the big time (in terms of marketing investment).  As Steve Heald from Orange UK said:

We’re now in an era of less hype and more reality when it comes to mobile advertising.

As a consumer I’m also a heavy mobile user. I rely on my blackberry to get all my emails delivered on time and, more recently, to use my twitterberry application – allowing me to post my tweets on the move.

With this in mind I found the stats produced as part of a recent GSMA study interesting.

It stated that facebook users spend 24 minutes a day (on average) browsing the site through their mobile – compared to just 27.5 minutes a day on web – a massive win for mobile. Likewise its focus on youth (defined as LDA – 34) is equally strong with 48% usage (mobile) compared to 40% (fixed internet) and 29% (TV).

Its this move that sees the need for advertisers (and agencies) to begin  to see mobile as a communications channel that should be taken seriously. If you can get the application or service right there is revenue (be it cash or equity) to be had. Interestingly its unlocking a tool that is appropriate to the audience and remembering that balancing something that is simple to use and useful on the move – as food for thought check out the Top 10 mobile sites (Dec 2008).

Top 10 Mobile Sites                   
1)  Mobile Operator Sites                  
2)  Google Sites                           
4)  Yahoo! Sites                           
5)  BBC Sites                              
6)  Apple Inc. Sites                      
7)  Microsoft Sites                        
8)  Sony Online (inc. Sony Ericsson)      
9)  Nokia                                  
10) AOL (inc. Bebo) 





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