OnTrack Application

I’ve moved away from testing myself (just for the day – it’s getting a bit intense!) and instead looked at a Facebook application “OnTrack”:

What are your goals? How can you keep yourself ontrack? How can you keep yourself inspired….

The OnTrack application on facebook promises to help you achieve your goals: Publishing everything you would possibly want to track onto facebook for you to congratulate yourself in your achievements and keep private, or share with your friends.

Once you’ve uploaded the tool you’re able to upload your individual goals. Once you’ve set up your first goal you then go on to work towards it by adding your habits that will help you get there. A nice touch of this application is that you can also keep it private so noone (public) needs to know that you’re working on getting a payrise or trying to be happier in your relationship. Another nice touch is you can even nominate a friend to monitor your progress: Perfect if you have a friend who want laugh at the possible american cheesiness of goal setting!

Interestingly the application only has around 350 users and, on a brief scroll through the application users there is an over-whelming majority of 40+ Women. Is this because this application is aimed at this group or simply that of a certain maturity level discussing your goals (and the fact that you’re not yet reaching them is easier?) Reviewing the application I’m not convinced that Facebook will see it taking off (particularly in the UK) – with the social networks tending to be about portraying their self (or even alter-ego or assumed self) I dont know if acknowledging that there are things to be worked on in their life is what the younger audience in particular would want across their profile. . . It will be interesting to see how this application takes off and if people are using it (take a look at the vision board for more appraisal points!)







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  1. I really like it whenever people get together and share opinions.
    Great site, keep it up!

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