Mmmm… Just took the “which member of the friends cast are you” quiz.

Ignoring the fact that I’m obviously only slightly like Rachel and actually more like Monica (or possibly even Ross) the quiz reminded me of a friend who was slightly more obsessed with friends than me (Hard seeing as I had a 2 year obsession with the program back in 1997 – 98). But, that aside, I remember her doing one of these quizzes on facebook and she told me that she had took 4 attempts to get her “pheobe” outcome that she wanted. Ignoring the fact that she took the quiz 3 or 4 times it seemed weird that she needed the quiz to affirm that she was like Pheobe (which she wasn’t based on the quizzes 4th time lucky logic) but also that, when she didn’t get the outcome she wanted, that she continued in her Pheobe quest until she got the result and she could publish this to her Facebook.

Facebook is a funny thing really as it proceeds or exists as a way of organising your social life and / or sending stuff through to your mates but predominantly it acts as a snapshot for your personality. A way of affirming to your current social circle or promoting to past social acquaintances the type of person you are. The quizzes that users publish on their status (Which friend are you? Which Sex in the city member are you? How naught are you?) Act as a way for friends to get a glance of what you might be like. Interestingly with the majority of these totally fabricated they merely act as a way for users to promote their perceived version of “self” who they see themselves as and who they want others to see them as…

On that note, going to go and check out my facebook profile and see how out of touch with reality it is….!

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You are most like: RACHELHow sure are we? BARELY As Rachel, you are sometimes seen as shallow and ditzy. And it’s true that you have been known as somewhat of a dreamer. But that will change. Now that you are in the real world, and can’t rely on daddy anymore, you’re going to have to dig in and get your hands dirty for once. But you’ll be okay…behind that rich kid persona is one tough cookie.

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