Give the developers a laugh…

Yet another day, yet another test!

Today it was the turn of a career test who pointed out that I’m a technician…

You are a Technician, possible professions include – surveyor , fire fighter , private investigator, pilot, police officer, purchasing agent, chiropractor, medical technician, securities analyst, computer repair person, race car driver, computer programmer, electrical engineer, legal secretary, coach/trainer, commercial artist, carpenter, paralegal, dental assistant, radiological technician, marine biologist, software developer.
I can’t see the development team at work wanting to take me on, on the back of computer programmer – nor do any of the above really make me feel excited (although race car driver sounds cool!) However, yet again, I’m coming out as quite an analytical and methodical person which has always been something I’ve thought I’m okay at (I grasp logic and lets get back to my excitement about excel formulae) so I find it quite interesting that yet again I’m being dished up a response that has seen me answer a set of questions (which I did honestly) and found me to be a Technician.
Thinking about this in the area I would like to get more involved with (analytics, planning and insight) this is helping my confidence in that I do have the aptitude to do a more planning focused role so, again, whilst I wont be running out to get a jobs paper for a marine biologist or an electrical engineer I am begining to feel that my direction I will be starting to outline in my assignment plan is playing to and developing on my strengths.

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