Personality Questionnaire: Test 4.

Ouch – 3 days without leaving a review of myself so some rapid surveying to be done on myself this evening…

I started with the BBC and their personality quiz. This quiz was 73 questions long and seemed to be quite thorough. In contrast to some of the other test it reminded me a bit more like Myers Briggs with a range of questions that were designed to try to get your first reaction. It was also interesting that as you went through the questions very similar types of wording were used: I’d imagine in a bid to dig and try to get a true reflection of your personality as opposed to a “rigged” result.

On this occasion I was back in Myers Briggs territory where I began to feel that they had started to get to the bottom of the sort of person I believe I am (which may in fact be a totally warped perception of me anyway!!)

A second thing about the BBC test that I liked was it acknowledged that the results were intended as a guide not as gospel – something none of the other tests have done (although you’d hope people would realise this!)

you behave and make decisions in your occupation. Don’t rely on it to tell you what your personality is like but use it to think about the different ways that people go about doing things. Read each description, ask yourself if it sounds like you (and it may not!)

So – my results. They get split into 4 areas: Confidence, Openess, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness.

Extraversion: Apparently I’m relatively balanced here and can be both activity and excitement or calm and quiet. I find this interesting as I think there are a number of people who would outwardly say I’m all about activity and excitement (possibly some work colleagues) whilst others would say I’m quite calm and quiet (my boyfriend). Interesting that the questions this quiz asked managed to encapsulate both responses!

Confidence: I tend to be quite cautious and careful. Definitely! I’m a big worrier, the sort of person who will read an email 10 times in case I’ve accidently said the wrong thing or it could be misconstrued…

Openess: Open to new ideas and trying new things…. When I read this I agreed but on reflection it’s interesting to think about my appraisal of myself as being quite careful versus to trying new things. Possibly a reflection that I try new things purely after considering options or am I a bit more adventerous than I first thought?

Agreeableness: I can be firm with people when I need to but it’s important to get on with the people around me. Spot on! I dont think I am a pushover and I like to think I’m only assertive (in a firm way) when need be. I’d go out of my way to avoid a confrontation but recognise sometimes its inevitable – particularly in an agency role where opinions clash constantly. It reminds me of when I first started out as an exec and took everything the client / team around me said to heart – I’d go home really upset that creative wasn’t liked, the team had rubbished a brief or a presentation hadn’t gone as well as it should have. Through time and exposure to the constant barrage of upset, rubbishing and presentations you get hardened to the comments and distance yourself from the emotion (or am I simply getting less upset and rubbishing as I get better in my role!!)

Conscientiousness: You like to have a little clarity about where things are but you wuold rather not spend time sorting out every single detail… The producer in my team would definately agree on that front. I’m definately about top line overviews, Understanding where things are at and the bigger picture than worrying about the finite detail (thats why I have a producer!)

So… Lots more tests to go and as with anything some are better than others. I’m learning more about myself as I go through them but I’m not sure I’m a personality test convert quite yet!


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