Number 5: I am Spiderman

Moving away from my personality and onto figuring out “who I could be” – I went straight for the superhero test – nice and easy, challenging questions around whether I like to fly, wear a cape or a push up bra and end up with Spiderman.

Of all the Superhero’s I would have preferred Wonderwoman (and I was almost her with a 65% match) or even Chitara from legendary 80s cartoon Thundercats but Spiderman isn’t all bad.

Spiderman resultsI’ll take intelligent, witty and a little bit geeky (I think thats quite accurate: I fool noone with my attempts to be cool!) I’ll especially take it over being “diagnosed” as the Hulk or Batman.

Even more disturbing than my results is the fact I am actually sat here appraising how like Spiderman I really am and getting worried about my 50% match to Iron Man and what on earth questions I answered to get there (Maybe it’s because I said I didn’t like capes…)

Maybe I’m taking one test too many!!


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