never a bridesmaid (never a bride)

Still appraising but this time I thought I’d experiment with a different appraisal technique.

A while back I downloaded one of the “compare people” app’s on facebook and, although I haven’t been a user of it I was amazed by how many of my friends are listed on there and itching to be compared. For those of you not familiar with the app you download and soon get displayed with a question “who is the best listener” and 2 photos of people from your network: You vote for the “winner” and gradually your answers start totting up. The more you do the app, the more your photos get displayed (so you get more rankings to base your appraisal on). As I haven’t been using the app up until a surge across the last week I haven’t had a huge amount of rankings but a few have started coming in.

Disappointingly on “who would you rather marry” I have apparently lost 4-0. In addition (whilst we’re denting my confidence)…. 4-1 (better friend), 4-1 (more well-mannered), 2-0 (nicer) and 7-2 (cuter)…

On the plus side I’m winning 5-0  (more entertaining), 4-0 (better smile), 3-0 (more reliable) and 3-1 (most likely to suceed).

I have no idea who has appraised me nor who I’ve been pitted against all I know is I obviously need to work harder to project my “wife-like abilities” – on second thoughts…..


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