Halfway to Emotional Intelligence

Day 3:
I’ve just taken the emotional intelligence test and I stored 65 out of a possible 100. This hasn’t really surprised me that much. I can be a bit hot-headed and stubborn (shock horror!) but one thing that frustrated me about this test was that in a number of the scenarios there simply wasn’t an answer that was reflective of me.

Take Question 8:
8. A discussion between you and your partner has escalated into a shouting match. You are both upset and in the heat of the argument, start making personal attacks which neither of you really mean. What is the best thing to do?
A/ Agree to take a 20-minute break before continuing the discussion.
B/ Go silent, regardless of what your partner says.
C/ Say you are sorry, and ask your partner to apologize too.
D/ Stop for a moment, collect your thoughts, then restate your side of the case as precisely as possible.

Apparently the only emotionally intelligent answer is 1. When you read the other 3 options that is fairly obvious – but where is the option that allows you to state you’d tell them to forget but proceed for the rest of the day / evening / weekend to bring up the arguement at every opportunity.
Yes – maybe that enforces I’m still not emotionally intelligent but it definately proves that these multiple choice questionnaires dont necessarily give you the sort of option you would actually go for. In doing this are you, as an individual, compromising what your true personality result would be? The quiz or “tests” simply allow the quiz to influence or let aspects of your personality that aren’t dominant (but are by no means submissive) take centre stage when the “true option is unavilable”.

Does this mean they are appraising your true personality or simply giving a view as to what parts of your personality seem to infer….. Personally I’m not a believer right now.


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