Left Brained? I dont think so….

Day 2 of testing me and I took “the brain test” produced by a career website TestQ the quiz aims to discover which hemisphere of your brain is more dominant – helping you understand what kind of learner you are.

25 questions later I’m apparently “left brained”  – having read the synopsis it didn’t make me feel that they had got it right in the way that the Myers Briggs test I did yesterday did.  In particular when I looked at the other 2 options (in terms of results) quite a lot of the “balanced brain” traits seemed to be more like how I imagine I am!

Looking at the left brain results more objectively:

  • Feel at ease in situations requiring verbal ability, attention to detail and linear or analytical ability: I’m definately strong on the verbal front and am naturally quite analytical of situations, documentation and happy to deal with logic. Attention to detail is something I’m good at numerically but can be a bit slap dash at as I tend not to be the sort of person who will proof read or spend hours trying to improve something I believe is finished…
  • Strong written communication and able to get my opinions across better than others. This is something I’ve always felt I’m quite good at and am happy producing essays, reports, short stories. So I guess that matches
  • Maths, particularly algebra as the logic makes sense to your analytical mind. Mmm – I do get called the spreadsheet queen and I’m never happier than when I have a budget sheet to reconcile or reporting figures to analyse.

Interesting… In taking a step by step approach I actually am quite left brained. . . However I guess when reading the other criteria I always assumed I was equally good at some of the creative elements: particularly the fact a right brainer is likely to assume “organized chaos” – something that is definately me!

Maybe its not that a person (when doing these tests) should assume they are solely ever one answer or the other, perhaps in this instance the test is right, I am more left brained but I equally have sections of the right that I am better at than others (I’d hate to think I only use half!)

Me and my left brain are now off to do some excel sheets – I’m going to do them with lots of pretty colours so the right doesn’t feel left out…..!!

Left Brain results


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