Myers Briggs

I’ve kicked my investigationsoff with Myers Briggs. Any of you who have ever had to go through an interview process that subjects you to psychometric testing is likely to have encounted a similar kind of test but, to date, its not something I’ve ever encountered.

A version of the test is available here. The test itself is based on typological theories originated by Carl Jung and looks at defining users into 1 of 16 personality types. According to the official MyersBriggs foundation site :

The essence of the theory is that much seemingly random variation in the behavior is actually quite orderly and consistent, being due to basic differences in the ways individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment.

It looks at the fact there are 4 categories that, combined, make up your profile:  The Favorite world, Information, Decisions and Structure.

The theory seems to evoke some passion and there have been over 7k studies on it (if wikipedia is to be trusted!) So – lets put it to the test!

My results

I answered the 72 questions which didn’t take too long and I’m fairly confident I answered these based on me (what I actually do and what I actually feel) as opposed to the personality you sometimes are forced to project to fulfil a certain role in your life.

I AM: ENFJ: Teacher

  • Ability to quickly draw conclusions
  • Good at juggling multiple projects and responsibilities
  • Charasmatic speakers
  • Good judge of character
  • Influential
  • Manipulates others, but not in a manipulative way
  • Tolerant and easy to get along with
  • “First Shall be the last”
  • Enthusiastic, doesn’t hesitate to speak outs
  • Likes things organised and plans ahead (although this may or may not be reflective of their actual working space)

First Impressions….

Pretty accurate! All of the elements it summarised resonated with me and I felt it genuinely pinned my personality down relatively well. In picking out some of the key things it found (as listed above) it got me thinking about whether in reading the appraisal of my personality type I’ve been drawn to things that seem the most appropriate (and that’s whats made the shortlist) or it really is reflective of the personality as a whole – perhaps thats something I will need to go back and look at in more detail.

The good thing about this is that it made me feel positive that the things that I’ve always thought I’m good at, when taking part in business appraisals, are all mentioned in here as things that I am likely to be good at. Does that mean I really am good at recognising my strengths or does it mean I’ve answered the questions somehow to rig the response (although with no prior knowledge of what the outcomes could have been until I completed the test this seems unlikely)?

I think the juries out on this one for now and I will do some further investigations as to what some of these 7k people who have examined the study in more detail have to say….!

In the meantime I’m assured that, for day 1, I have an “idealist teacher personality” and I’m in the good company of the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Ronald Reegan, Tony Blair and, most importantly, Dick Van-Dyke.

Idealist Teacher Personality

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