Obama Inauguration Live on Facebook

Obama Inaugaration LIVE with Facebook








This week is going to be all about the White House and the historical moment of Obama entering as America’s 44th president, and 1st black president tomorrow.

With no surprises , the hype here in the UK will be nowhere near that of what will be seen in the USA,  but I’d still question anybody’s ability here to avoid seeing some kind of coverage (even if it is restricted to Heat magazine covering the outfits that Michelle wore to the ceremony!)

Interestingly it was an invite to watch the ceremony live on Facebook (through CNN) that had me interested. In watching it live, whilst updating your status users can share
“What will your Facebook status say when Obama becomes President? CNN.com and Facebook are partnering to enable you to update your status, and follow your friends’ updates, while you watch the inauguration live online, all on http://cnn.com/live.”

With over 1,000,000 accepted users within this Facebook group the possibility of a global sharing of opinions (through simplistic status updates) could mean the quickest and widest share of public opinion ever.

Fantastic promotion by CNN (who created the event) and even more interesting will be to see if they tie up facebook with the live coverage on the night… Watch this (or that) space!


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