Dog Stroller anyone?

This morning I head to head down into our Newbury store of Pets At Home as my slightly overactive Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Buster) had chewed through yet another Kong and, without one of these there is no hope of getting through a lazy Sunday afternoon!

On going in I was confronted with the normal stands of special offers and, shock of shocks, the Doggy Stroller was reduced to £30…. Doggy Stroller!! I think the world may have gone absolutely mad. Perhaps if the dog only had 2 legs or was suffering from some kind of chronic illness and couldn’t physically walk, perhaps then I would understand the need for one of these. But – come on! In the trendhunters report yesterday I noticed that the humanizing of pets comes in at Number 9 but, in all honest I thought that was confined to the celebrity culture or inner city Chihuahua owners who dress their dogs in matching outfits and carry them round in pink bags. Newbury is not the sort of place (nor is pets at home) that I’d expect to do a roaring trade in pet strollers. dog-stroller

For more pet madness (and if its a growing trend I expect there’s more to follow) check out these!

Facebook for pets

designer dogs

Million pound dog house


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