Getting “Hands On”

Yesterday I viewed TrendHunters 2009 report on the Top 20 things that are going to be hitting out homes, PC’s and Media across the next 12 months.

The interesting thing about it was that over a quarter of them involved users as creators  – moving away from being lazy, sit back and passive, and taking some of the pro-active creation we see online into the real world.

Whilst digital creation was still big (although the idea of credit crunch britain meaning we resort to number 11’s idea of “Virtual Tourism” is not something I can see transcending beyond the 2nd lifers) this move back into our own recycling, hobbying and customizing away from the screen paints a refreshing picture.

Trends such as “returning to the kitchen”, “crafts (or cottaging as the Americans neatly term it”, “Urban Gardening”,  “Credit Cruch Coutre” and “physical customization” all show the idea that be it through the “credit crunch” or people begining to realize that being able to create yourself is a massive positive for both identity and satisfaction: The move is a positive one.

Media culture has, as always, played a massive role in helping these things spread: Jamie Oliver’s consistent campaiging with “Ministry of food” , organic vegetables (and being tighter on the pockets) teamed with good press on being green shows a growth for city sills and small spaces filled with fresh herbs and the odd tomato window display whilst big brands allowing product customization with the likes of Nike ID and StyleShake allow users to design and create (and stamp) their own style onto products.

This hands on stuff is exciting although how I can fit in the web as well as  gardening, home cooking and knitting in the little personal time I already seem to have could be a problem…. Maybe I’ll just have to watch others do it through Youtube insted….


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  1. Here is a link with some interesting Nike related initiatives you may not be familiar with:

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