Why wont they say the right thing!!!

In my “quest” to look at the relationship between brands and consumers I’ve begun to hypothesis and start doing in-depth research.

I’m the first to admitt that I dont like to be proved wrong but being neutral in an interview environment has been a challenge! My hypothesis are, as hypothesis should be, there to help structure my research and to ensure by the end I am proving or disproving an assumption that has been made on the back of research. So far I have done 2 interviews and found them equally challenging.

The first, saw me asking the user (lets call them X) about brands they like: Doing my project on FMCG brands I was thrilled when without leading question “Heinz” came up and was all excited about textbook answers and quotes that would be perfect in my MA project. Digging deeper the frustration at X’s insistent that the only real reason he likes Heinz was because “I like beans” left me feeling silent rage at the lack of how little use this would be in my study of brands and how meaningful their relationships could be with consumers. I put it down to being a bad “recruitment” and moved onto my 2nd.

My 2nd victimn interviewee was also text book perfect at distinguising brands they enjoyed: Loving Bacardi, McDonalds and Cadburys: All wonderful FMCG brands and, even better, this user received email communications from them. Probing deeper how they felt about communications the response was “If they’re giving me free stuff I’ll open it”. This quote fills any marketeer with fear – the idea that these “warm consumers” who are openly saying they love the brand but, even with the “loved” brands, are still only receptive if there is something in it for them ruins all our theories about the power of the advocacy.

So, 2 interviews in I’m left with findings about bean loving, freebie hunters who filter things based on “WIN!” “FREE” “PRIZES” – insightful huh?!


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