Response rates

Why is it that some things that are meant to be easy aren’t.

I recently stumbled across trendwatch (yes I know I’m behind the times!) and have tried on 3 different occassions to sign up for an account and, on all occassions have been told the “screen name” has been taken.

I’ve tried every variation of my name I can possibly think of (and there can’t be that many of me!) as well as random, cryptic, alphanumeric combinations that must have close to a 1 in a billion chance of matching – no joy. It’s at this point I’ve had to email the site asking them if they’re sure that the signup function is working at the moment. In the spirit of digital, and from a company you would anticipate is on top of this sort of thing, how long is acceptable these days to get a response? Does it vary dependant on the category you are trying to contact?

It’s been 18 minutes and waiting….


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