Back to school

So, it;s back to school as the first couple of weeks of the Masters is well underway and the assignment is now set.

I sit writing this from my kitchen table – surrounded by a plie of journal articles and a rather erratic pile of handwritten notes from a previous life at university. The problem with a Masters is by the time you get round to studying you’ve been off the wagon of essay writing for a heck of a long time.  Powerpoint, excel and mindmap are the skills of my workplace and articulating theory and applying frameworks feels totally foreign.

Having refined my topic down to the rather broad “eCRM” I’m now attempting to information gather – this is the bit I always loved as a student and am embracing it again now. Armed with 20 different highlighters, colourful post it notes of various sizes (including the heart shaped) I’m treating it like a milatary operation…. The problem is going to come when i have to move frm highlighted text to written word but, as it’s only week 1 of the assignement, another 10 days of highlighting is yet to phase me!

One of the struggles, of course, is how to refine a topic into a digestable section of research. Right now I’m armed with cultural convergence, Organisational frameworks, Power difference as a model for cultural change and digitization of word of mouth – I guess the next step is to keep reading and understand the historical relevence and “key incidents” that has woven the practice into what it is today – no problems 😉


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